Outrageous insult to Jesus and Christianity

Mobs riot, burn stores and cars, threaten lives... oh, wait a minute. These are Christians, not members of the Religion of Peace. Jihad Watch reports:

The Pope asked them to take the thing down. They refused. That's the end of The Passion of Kermitthe matter. There will be -- and I know I'm really going out on a limb here -- no riots, and no Christian bodies dictating to the museum or anyone else about "red lines that should not be crossed."

But you All-Religions-Have-Their-Fundamentalist-Loonies types shouldn't be discouraged! One day Christians will rise up and demand an end to free speech, so as to end unwelcome criticism and lampooning of Christianity! Why, it's inevitable! Muslims have shown that it works -- how long can it be before Christians get the message? The disparate reactions couldn't have anything to do with the differing teachings of the religions -- oh, no. If we said that it did, the next thing you know we would have to acknowledge that traditional Islam actually contains doctrines of violence and supremacism. Better to say that today's Christians have just been slow on the uptake on using violence to get their way.

"Ye shall know them by their fruits."

Hat tip: William Corr
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