Obama emotionally recalls fallen soldier: What's his name?

Getting some notice -- not enough -- is Obama's failure to remember the name of the fallen soldier on his bracelet. At least  Fox is covering it:
Obama by Otto Veblin
People note how off putting Obama's tone was after McCain told his story about promising another whose son was lost in Iraq that his death would not be in vain. Obama said-I am paraphrasing -- well I have a bracelet too.

Of course, he could not recall the name on the bracelet and needed to look down to his non-electronic version of a teleprompter. Yes, I am sure Obama is moved by the death of a soldier he could not even name-despite wearing the bracelet every day (does anyone really believe he wears it daily? It is possible, I suppose. But he did not recall the name of the fallen soldier).

Watch and decide for yourself:

illustration by Otto Veblin