MSM losing even more public confidence

Gallup reports that the number of Americans who have no confidence in the media is at an all time high. The Gallup Poll attributes this lack of confidence to the effect of Republicans' criticism of the reporting on McCain & Palin. In other words, it's not really the job the media is doing... it's Republicans' complaining about media behavior that is eroding public confidence. That point of view is just an opinion, not statistical fact, and I cannot agree.

Quote from Gallup Poll site 9/15/08:

Republicans' criticism of how the media is treating their party's presidential and vice-presidential candidates may be taking a toll on broader public confidence in the mass media. The percentage of Americans saying they have a great deal or fair amount of confidence in the media when it comes to fairness and accuracy is now just 43%, the lowest level seen over the past decade (in 2004, it was a similar 44%). At 21%, the percentage of Americans saying they have no confidence at all in the media is a record high.

When we have to endure comments on mainstream media newscasts and websites by Pamela Anderson speaking abusively about Governor Sarah Palin, the mainstream media is proving itself unworthy of any confidence. The fact is, the mainstream media loves to give airtime to vicious attacks of Governor Palin, whether from the mouths of Keith Olbermann and other biased reporters or the mouths of "actresses" who have "ramped up" their careers by starring in sex videos. It isn't "newsworthy" to report Pamela Anderson's hateful and obscenely stated opinions of Governor Palin, it's merely trash journalism.

Trash journalism has brought America's respect for the mainstream media down to the confidence level intelligent people award to shock jocks: none. MSM reports showcasing the character of National Enquirer tabloid trash causes intelligent people to vote "no confidence". The media is responsible for it's own loss of our confidence and respect.

The attacks on Governor Palin have been relentless, ruthless, and salacious. That's putting it mildly. The mainstream media lurched itself into the gutter. MSNBC, Keith Olbermann, and others made the media unworthy of our respect and confidence as news sources.

The mainstream media has lost its reputation for fair-minded, objective reporting. Governor Sarah Palin has not deserved their rabid, relentless, disgusting, and appalling shock jock attacks and unfair categorizations. The liberal media deserves it's no confidence vote. They've been behaving with "no class".

It just so happens that intelligent Americans, in record numbers, are appalled, disgusted, and outraged.

Laura Dykstra
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