Lefty reporter gets herself arrested in St. Paul

The left blogosphere is outraged! Amy Goodman, whose "Democracy now!" website/radio/TV empire inhabits the far reaches of left wing activism, got herself arrested in St. Paul, and the arrest (which you can see on YouTube is being denounced as some for of violent atrocity. Watch the brief video for yourself and see:

The audio is garbled, but it appears to me that someone refusing a lawful police order to stay back got handcuffed and led away. As she should be. Violent protestors were not only smashing windows and cars and lighting fires, some of them attempted to murder a bus full of conventioneers. The police have a very serious job to do, and they expect law-abiding citizens to obey their commands to stay back.

Amy Goodman and her supporters apparently think she is exempt from the responsibility to cooperate with the police as they discharge their very serious responsibilities. Poor Amy!


Hat tip: David Paulin