I wonder who Arab Americans support for President?

The Detroit News has the answer:

The poll conducted by Zogby International, on behalf of the Washington-based Arab American Institute, revealed that 20 percent of Arab-Americans now consider themselves Republican and 46 percent Democrat. In 2000, when President Bush was elected, 36 percent said they were Republican and 38 percent Democrat. In polling during the three national elections after 2000, the proportion of Republicans hovered at 32 and 31 percent. ... Arab-American voters also appear consistent with the rest of the population in that Arab Catholics - including Chaldeans, Malachites and Maronites - favor McCain, 53-31. Muslim Arab-Americans favor Obama 84-4.

Obama is doing better among Muslim Arab-Americans than he is among African Americans.

Of course, there are a lot fewer Arab Americans than there are blacks. But in a tight state race like Michigan, every single vote is going to count. And the fact that there is a large, politically active Arab American community right outside of Detroit in Dearborn, might tip the scales to Obama in a close contest.

One thing about that poll: it was sponsored by the Arab American Institute which is run by a fellow named James Zogby, brother of the pollster who did the survey. John is a partisan Democrat who, at one time, kept a signed picture of Yasser Arafat in his office.

I wonder if that was before or after the baby killer stayed overnight in the Clinton White House?