Hackers and their accomplices after the fact

Let's not forget Gawker which first published Palin's hacked emails, writing

Now comes word that Anonymous, the fun-loving Internet trouble-makers based loosely around the message board 4Chan, gained access to another Palin email account: gov.palin@yahoo.com. It looks legit! The offending posts, screenshots, heretofore unseen family photos, and emails have all been deleted from Imageshack and 4Chan. But we have them.

Gee, a person who illegally invades your privacy and publicizes it is a "fun-loving Internet trouble-maker"--as long as the fun causes trouble for a non liberal. 

Nick Denton, the publisher of Gawker, defensively told Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit

"We didn't publish Bristol's phone number. (Tho we did call it. And we did publish shrunk screenshots of the emails.) You know also that we'd have no hesitation in publishing similar info about Obama or Biden. If we're sleazebags, we're equal-opportunity sleazebags."

No Mr. Denton, this doesn't make it better.  And you're just a sleazebag. 

After all, Reynolds remembered  that back in 2004 liberals predicted:

THEY TOLD ME THAT IF GEORGE W. BUSH WERE RE-ELECTED, no one's email would be safe from the prying of jackbooted thugs motivated by politics, not national security. And they were right!

Hmmm, maybe these liberals weren't prophesying--they were alerting us to their future plans.