Another Obama flip-flop

Barack Obama, going all out to try to garner votes among pro-Israel Americans, flip-flops again on Iran, as pointed out by John McCormack on the Weekly Standard website. Now that the election is close he hypocritically condemns this week what he supported just last year: the right of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak at the United Nations.

Barack Obama knows his "disappointment" that he was allowed to speak has no effect whatsoever: it was after the event and foreign leaders do not have to seek the approval of an American President to speak at the United Nations.

What Ahmadinejad said was not anti-Semitic as much as it was anti-Israel. Obama had no problem listening to similar diatribes against Israel, America, and whites from the man he described as his "moral compass", "sounding board" and "confidant", a man he made the beneficiary of his charitable dollars, and a man who he chose to entrust the religious upbringing of his daughters to: Pastor Jeremiah Wright, Jr.  He listened to, and financially supported, that demagoguery for twenty years. Did he suddenly develop a moral sense? Or does he need to vacuum up some votes in key states going into November.