Ukraine and Russia

Two days ago, what could the Ukraine do but threaten Russia with the denial of port faculties:

Ukraine said on Sunday it reserved the right to bar Russian warships dispatched to the Georgian coast from returning to their Ukrainian base of Sevastopol, [...] Ukraine ... reserves the right to bar warships and vessels which could take part in the action (conflict with Georgia) from returning to Ukrainian territory until the conflict is solved," it said, quoting a Ukrainian Foreign Ministry statement.

The threat is a serious one considering the fact that Russia, not only has leased the Sevastopol port facilities at $93-million-a-year until 2017, but Sevastopol is also the homeport of the Russia's Black Sea Fleet. 

During the progress of the war, Russia has destroyed Poti, Georgia's only Black Sea port and now holds Ukraine in thrall:

Russians block 48 Ukrainian sailors in Georgian port of Poti

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine is discussing with the Russian side the issue of return of Ukrainian civil ships blocked in the Georgian ports in the Black Sea.

So, while the West struggles to muster something that resembles a forceful will.  the Ukrainian government, it appears has learned that apparently, no good deed goes unpunished.