PETA and the ethical treatment of humans

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has a great con game going with pet owners who, for one reason or another are forced to give up their pets for adoption. The poor deluded humans trust PETA to find their beloved pets a new home,

Instead, PETA kills more than 90% of the animals
it takes in:

PETA claims to be dedicated to protecting animals and treating them "ethically"-it's right there in the group's name. But killing animals that could otherwise be placed in adoptive homes isn't terribly ethical, especially for a group whose $30 million annual income is more than enough to do the right thing instead.

In comparison, the Virginia Beach SPCA, right down the road from PETA's Norfolk headquarters, managed to adopt out almost 70% of the animals in its care last year. And it did it on a relative shoestring budget.

Adding PETA's 2007 numbers to the mix, we can now document that the group has put down over 19,200 dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. While it's possible that some of these animals were too broken or sick to be rehabilitated, humane societies in Virginia managed to save an average of nearly 65 percent of their animals in 2007. PETA found adoptive homes for less than 1 percent.

In other words, PETA may very well support treating animals ethically but when it comes to humans, screw 'em.

There is some evidence that PETA kills the pets they pick up before they even leave the driveway of the owner's home. This after promising they will do their best to find a good home for their beloved.

Recall that PETA sheds copious amounts of tears when a horse goes down at a horse race or animals die in circuses. They just can't seem to muster the same amount of outrage at themselves, however, when it comes to decieving pet owners and slaughtering perfectly adoptable animals.

Methinks the answer is that PETA people love themselves more than they love any animal and that they love money most of all.