PBS Kids and oil drilling

Your tax dollars are at work brainwashing young children on the evils of oil drilling. You can see it for yourself.

  • then in the left side click on EckoCreature
  • then click on "start" where indicated
  • Click to state that your creature lives in the air
  • then click on "all done" where indicated
  • put the mouse pointer in the sky in the picture and click
  • then move the mouse pointer around the picture to click on various icons that will cause various questions to be asked and then answered with a yes or no. Answer the questions and click "back to eeKoCreature after each one.
At some point (sometimes after 12 other questions) an oil derrick icon will appear and then you can click on it to get the following question:

"People want to drill for oil in this area even though it is a wildlife preserve.

What do you think?"

As you can imagine, the correct answer is "no" according to the game.
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