Obama's Swift Boat?

A week ago an old Marine buddy sent me a link to a You tube video that after viewing it, caused me to sit momentarily stunned by the horror of what I had just seen and heard. The video was that of nurse, Jill Stanek, who had in a completely straightforward and highly effective manner related how she had cradled a dying infant that had been dumped in the dirty laundry room of the Chicago hospital where she worked, following an abortion procedure the unfortunate baby had just survived.

Stanek's wrenching account of how that baby had fought for forty-five minutes to live but finally died in her arms, is one of those rare experiences that reaches into you and grabs you like a heart attack. If you have not seen it by now, here it is:

If you come away from that video with less than a heavy heart, I don't think you'd be someone I'd care to number among my friends. Do not, however, think that I am some kind of hard core, under any and all circumstances pro-life conservative because I'm not. However, I am adamantly opposed to the cold, heartless infanticide depicted in this video and I am totally opposed to any politician who would permit it to be public policy as Barack Obama apparently did while serving in the Illinois Senate.

While watching Sean Hannity interview Ms. Stanek, it suddenly occurred to me, Jill Stanek could very well be Obama's Swift Boat Veteran. Her recounting of how Obama coldly disregarded her heartfelt testimony regarding the issue of these induced labor abortions and the horrifying consequences which she had personally experienced as a result, gives us a glimpse into the heart of this so-called Messiah that is nothing less than chilling. I believe every American who views that video can't help but come away from it with questions about whether or not this is the kind of man we want as the leader of our nation.

But then, we must realize, he was merely a state senator and not a presidential candidate so decisions about leaving live infants alone in a hospital's cold, dirty laundry room to helplessly die without any human warmth, love or contact were obviously above Mr. Obama's pay grade.

Last week at Saddleback, he reminded us they still are.