New technology and campaigning

Is Senator Barack Obama, so isolationist (or so afraid that because he doesn't look like other presidents on $$$ bills) that potential vice president running mates don't want to be seen with him?  Or are he and his advisers just exceedingly clever, using modern technology effectively and creatively?
Andrew Malcolm, via the LA Times blog, reveals
An e-mail just sent out says Obama "is about to choose a running mate." And when word comes, it will come by text message, e-mail and on the campaign website.
The usual scenario is for the (presumably)  lucky pick to appear side by side with the presidential nominee and other important pols and supporters, smiling and waving to carefully selected, adoring, cheering  crowds with appropriate cheery sounds and banners in the background.  But now Obama is supposedly lolling around in Hawaii, one of his home states. 
Aside from Obama's slogan, change we can believe in, why the change?  Malcolm speculates
it would instantly dominate the news stream and erase any advantage Republican Sen. John McCain might have gotten from a week of campaigning without the Democrats' competition.

Then, the two Democratic running mates could appear together later at another event and get a bonus second publicity boost.

Furthermore, for the information of the tech challenged,

This modern tech announcement gimmick, of course, also has the added benefit of presumably getting thousands of people to offer the campaign their e-mail addresses and cellphone numbers, a priceless, free recruiting and fundraising tool.

When you sign up to receive the VP notification, you are offered another form to help recruit many friends and family to sign up too. NON-PARTISAN WARNING: You will soon also begin receiving regular pleas for money.

Gotta admit, if this is true, that is clever!  Devious, but clever.  Of course, there are many people, "wrinkly, white haired folks" as Paris Hilton might say, and even others, who don't have all these tech toys.  Are they not wanted by Obama's campaign?  And would this really clever tactic alienate potential supporters who might treasure their privacy?

We shall see of course.  The new technology is changing so much--even political campaigns. 

Hat tip:  Little Green Footballs

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