Messiah Heckled in Florida

Proving that even The One is not immune to being shouted down, Obama was interrupted during a speech in Florida by protestors.

Not conservatives. Most are much too polite to interrupt someone when they are speaking. No, the protestors were even farther to the left of Obama - if you can imagine that.

The group is called (I kid you not) The
International African Socialist Collective and they calmed down when Obama promised to answer some questions from them during the Q & A. They unfurled a banner which read "What about the Black community, Obama?" Obviously, our lefty friends have not been paying attention. If they had they would have noted that Obama's answer would be "95% of them support me - what more do you want?"

No word on whether the messiah actually deigned to answer their questions about what Obama was going to do for black Americans. Maybe keep playing the race card - it's what he's best at.