Media almost unanimous on Palin

The media are almost unanimous: Palin was a stupid choice

Considering the history of the MSM over the past decade and their fading influence upon the public, the media's take on the choice of Palin as McCain's running mate seems prima facie evidence that it was, in fact, a brilliant choice. One of the female talking heads on Meet the Press this morning made a crack about how Palin may influence the vote of working class women but not that of those who are college educated.  Sounds elitist to me.  Think the Obama camp's got a problem with that? Some of the "journalists" on the program seemed rather positive about Palin. Especially Maria Bartiromo who had gone to Alaska for a one-on-one working visit/interview. She commented on how Palin is especially strong on energy issues, perhaps more so than any of the other candidates. When the camera went back to Tom Brokaw, he seemed none too happy. As the lawyers say, never ask a question that you don't know the answer to!