AT on the Air Tonight

AT's Ed Lasky spekas with Jamaican radio and then joins Rick Moran with best selling author David Freddoso.

Ed will be analyzing the election campaign today from 7:35 to 8 PM EDT. An Internet feed is available here.  He will speak with hosts Prudence Kidd Deans and Garnett Roper on News Talk 93, which is a project of The Radio Education Unit of the University of the West Indies.

Immediate after, you won't want to miss this special edition of The Rick Moran Show tonight. The guys will interview the author of the best selling Obama expose, The Case Against Barack Obama, National Review's  David Freddoso.

Currently #6 on the NY Times bestseller list, David's meticulously researched book has garnered praise for its clarity and devastating indictment of Barack Obama's ideas and background.

The show begins at 8:00 Eastern Standard Time (7:00 PM Central) and you can access the live
stream here.

A podcast of the show will be available shortly afterwards at the same link.