Gaza crackdown by Hamas takes strange turn

In still yet another shuddering preview of what life will be like in a Palestinian state, Arab Hamas loyalists in the Gaza area are rounding up, torturing and often killing their fellow Arabs who are part of rival Fatah.  Although both Hamas and Fatah members  hate Israel vowing to destroy it, and even though both constantly bombard  civilian areas in Israel with lethal rockets, the deadly intra Arab hostilities took a bizarre twist-- even for this conflict. 

Faced with submitting to their Arab brethren who were Hamas,  over 200 Fatah terrorists sought refuge in...Israel.  And
Israeli commanders manning the perimeter fence said they took a spur of the moment decision to allow the Fatah men into Israel although for security reasons the men were blindfolded and stripped to their underwear.
Then, the evil Israeli enemy sent
Several of the most seriously injured, those with gunshot wounds, were taken for treatment at Israeli hospitals.
The Israelis were willing to help the Fatah terrorist refugees  join their fellow Fatah members  in areas controlled by Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas where he is busy rounding up, torturing and often killing fellow Arabs who are part of rival Hamas.  But
A senior Abbas loyalist ordered the new Fatah arrivals to go back to Gaza to maintain at least a presence in the disputed territory.
If Abbas' Fatah members return to Gaza they will likely be tortured as traitors.  But a presence, even a tortured presence must be maintained.
And just why did these Fatah terrorists flee from Hamas to Israel?

Hamas forces attempted to arrest suspects they claimed were behind a bombing more than a week ago that killed five senior Hamas militants and a child.

This led to a week when the Islamist movement cracked down on its Fatah rivals, detaining up to 300 people.

And Condoleezza Rice and company think a road map, which everyone  will of course follow, will lead to peace?

Meanwhile, in the long run, even the short run,  the Israelis are sure to be blamed by so called human rights groups and even Fatah and Hamas for everything--for not elegantly hosting those whose aim is to slaughter them, for embarrassing the poor Fatah terrorists by forcing them to strip to their underwear in case they had weapons to kill Israelis, for providing hospital care, for returning them to their homes as per the Fatah commander's orders, for...

Sure to be continued.