Fact Checking the Corsi Fact Checkers

Jerome Corsi's anti Obama book Obama Nation is set to debut at #1 on the NY Times bestseller this week and the press, lefty bloggers, and the Obama campaign have all been going through it with a fine tooth comb picking out the inaccuracies and what they term "falsehoods."

Apparently, ABC News has discovered that in trying to debunk Corsi, the Obama campaign told a few fish stories of their own:

Much of what Corsi writes in his book is demonstrably false, irresponsible, and feverishly conjured. The book is indefensible, as are Corsi's many bigoted remarks about Arabs, the Pope and others.

But the Obama campaign got a little greedy in their refutations.

First of all, on the front of the response, is a labeled stamped "Brought to you by Bush/Cheney Attack Machine."

Corsi has actually
called for the impeachment of President Bush. Corsi's a 9/11 Truther who thinks the Bush administration is covering up what "really" happened at the World Trade Center. It's not fair to blame this nasty screed on the President.

One item the Obama campaign labels a "LIE" is the claim that when Obama ran for state senator, "(i)nstead of stepping aside in deference to (then-state senator Alice) Palmer, Obama decided to fight her for the nomination."

This is not a lie, this is true. Palmer had decided to run for Congress, and Obama was tapped to run to replace her. When Palmer lost in the primary, she wanted to stay as a state senator. Obama said no. He had every right to do so, but he decided to fight her for the nomination instead of stepping aside in deference to her.

This is fundamental error by the Obama camp. They have overreacted to Corsi because they believe Kerry's tepid response to the Swift Boat vets cost hin the election. This is a case of the Democrats believing their own myths. Kerry lost because he was a horrible candidate not because his service in Viet Nam was questioned. If anything, it was reminding people of his smearing of the military that helped defeat him more than anything any author ever wrote. Kerry's own words destroyed him.

So attacking Corsi unfairly only draws sympathy for the author - the last thing they wanted. And in Corsi's case, most undeserving of sympthy he most certainly is.

Let me say this about Corsi. He is a screwball. He is a 9/11 truther who believes the government blew up the trade centers. He believes that there is a secret plot for a North American Union of Canada, the US, and Mexico. He believes that current politicians helped the Iranians in the quest for a nuclear bomb.

He believes all sorts of crazy, stupid, idiotic things and goes on white supremicist radio stations to talk about it. If this doesn't put him beyond the pale of your consideration on his ability to tell the unvarnished truth about anything - even his age - then I pity you.

I some further thoughts on
Corsi here.

If you must buy an atni-Obama book, buy David Freddoso's The Case Against Barack Obama. At least the man writing it doesn't do shoddy research when making crazy, unsupportable charges like Obama has a Muslim past.

And you won't be supporting a nut case who believes Bush was responsible for 9/11.

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky
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