Democrats behaving like children

Once again, the Democrats are in the process of behaving like children come convention time. Memeorandum captures a slew of stories on bickering between the Clinton and Obama camps.

This is neither new, nor unexpected. They will offer excuses for this - it's the Clintons, a too close primary race, but none of their excuses can ring true. They are, for the most part, a party of children and became that by choice. And their leadership in its various forms, not necessarily the rank and file, proves the point.

The Democratic Party allowed itself to be ruled by the Clintons for the past sixteen years. And they did so long after it was clear that, emotionally speaking, the Clintons are selfish and, more importantly, immature. The Party could have stood up to former President Clinton when he showed his inability to govern himself and his emotions while in the White House. Instead, they circled the wagons and kept him safe from the consequences that should have befallen any adult after his Oval office transgressions came to light. Just look at how John Edwards has been marginalized now.

When Howard Dean ran for the Presidency his reliance on the support of the most childish of all constituencies, the Netroots, was really his only claim to fame. He displayed his own childishness in what has infamously become known as the Dean Scream. And what did the Democrats do? Instead of resigning him to a marginal political life contributing to the party from the sidelines, they installed him as head of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Well, that's two children at the top of the Democratic Party, shall we go for three?

In national political terms, prospective nominee Barack Obama is most certainly the equivalent of a young child. His attractiveness is not so much a gravitas, or an earnest grasp of important domestic or international affairs - it is the wanderlust of the almost always emotionally immature Hollywood star, or starlet; it is the awe of the child catching his or her first glimpse of new fallen snow.

Now, as Democrats descend upon Denver, reports suggest things are unraveling and the children in charge appear incapable of figuring it out. Even now there is talk of having half a roll call vote, then simply cutting it off mid-stream. As if Hillary Clinton speaking from the floor as part of the New York delegation can really resolve the bitter differences of boys and girls accustomed to having their way on the play ground for all too long.

No, as I recently acknowledged on my own blog -- never in my life have I witnessed a political party savage its last sitting President. And because of decisions Democrats themselves made as regards former President Clinton, Howard Dean and now Barack Obama - there is simply no adult supervision at the top of the Democrat Party or the DNC.

And if there's anything the vast majority of Americans simply can't tolerate, it's a child who does not know how to behave, especially in public. Don't be surprised if Democrats are spanked yet once again this year in their seemingly never ending quest to gain the White House. I'm afraid the National Park Service may need to add a playroom and a playground or two before that even becomes practical for them at this point.

What a shame.

Dan Riehl is the proprietor of Riehl World View.
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