Collateral damage in the Edwards confession

Barack Obama and the MSM -- especially the NYT -- will suffer significant collateral damage from the Edwards fallout.

A BIG Democrat, one of Obama's peers as candidate for president, is a phony. How big a phony remains to be seen, but the signs do not favor a quick and clean resolution of the matter.

The archetype of the phony populist, master manipulator of suckers, gets recharged, bigtime.

Voters puzzled by Obama are much more inclined to consider the hypothesis that Obama is a big phony too. This makes it for Obama skeptics to raise the subject on political discussions, at churches, water coolers, break rooms, bars, family gatherings, and where else people feel free to speak their mind about politics. The nation has a lot of grassroots conversations ahead in the next three months.

MSM credibility takes a big hit. If your information universe revolves around the New York Times, you long ago knew somebody alleged that McCain and a female lobbyist were making whoopie or something, but today you are stunned to learn that a champion of the oppressed apparently let his hormones get the better of him or something. Meanwhile conservatives ridicule you, and you lose even more credibility. Viewership and readership decline even faster.