Colin Powell for Veep?

By choosing Joe Biden as his running mate, Barack Obama has done John McCain a pretty big favor.

He could have chosen Hillary which would have blown the Democratic convention away. Or he could have chosen another woman like Kathleen Siebelus which would have been groundbreaking.

Instead, he chose vanilla Joe Biden which means McCain's choice won't have to be a stretch. Just about anyone he chooses will stack up with the Delaware senator so no one can accuse him of picking someone less brilliant or less talented or with less "heft" than Biden.

Having said this, what do you make of the fact that, according to Politico (who got the information from a campaign insider) that John McCain is considering Colin Powell as a running mate?

Powell was among the possible vice presidential choices the Arizona Republican senator was thinking of when he said he would not rule out a supporter of abortion rights, a key adviser said.

Campaign officials say McCain has told them not to discuss the process.

Powell, who was
President Bush's first secretary of state, would add celebrity to the ticket, as well as reinforce McCain's strength as a potential commander in chief, which his campaign considers to be one of his chief assets.

Powell is also a supporter of affirmative action as it is applied now. But he's well respected inside the Beltway and by most Americans who value his honesty and integrity.

But in addition to his pro choice, pro affirmative action beliefs, Powell has been playing games with the GOP these last few months. He has held off endorsing McCain and for a while, it was even thought he was going to give the thumbs up to Obama. He does not like some of John McCain's foreign policy advisors although he appears to be friendly with Secretary of Defense Gates who has been mentioned as either DCIA or to continue in his current position.

McCain and Powell get along fine, however, and that's the relationship that counts the most.

But it is not going to happen. Anyone McCain chooses at this point is going to tick off some part of the GOP base but there's no sense in having a revolt on your hands at the convention if he chooses a pro-choice running mate. Powell would be a desperation choice - and McCain is not desperate.

We'll find out Friday.