Biden and son - friends of the credit card industry (Updated)

As more details emerge about Senator Joe Biden's track record, more questions are emerging about the wisdom of Barack Obama in selecting him to be his Vice-Presidential running mate. One area of concern is revealed by Biden's moniker 'The Senator from MBNA." MBNA is a large credit card company now owned by the Bank of America that was formerly domiciled in Biden's home state of Delaware. As a Senator, Biden advocated for the credit-card industry and received large donations from MBNA, in particular. He supported a bankruptcy bill that made it arduous for consumers to escape from their credit card debt by filing for bankruptcy. Today's New York Times is reporting  that the largesse of MBNA also extended to Joe Biden's son, Hunter, who was paid large sums ($100,000)  every year from 2001 to 2005 as a "consultant" to MBNA. Hunter serves as a lawyer and lobbyist in Washington-as do many other family members of Congressmen.The irony is...(Read Full Post)