Where in the World is Obama's Missing Thesis?

Barack Obama wrote his senior thesis at Columbia University on Soviet nuclear disarmament. Inquiring people have sought a copy of this thesis to no avail. Columbia says it cannot be found; Barack Obama says he lost it. 

How likely is that a person so impressed with himself that he writes an autobiography just a few years later would "lose" his senior thesis? After all, a Presidential Library must be filled. And as Jim Geraghty  at National Review and others have noted there are a lot of blank spots -- missing records and the like -- having to do with Barack Obama.

But one question remains. If Barack Obama devoted a year researching  and writing  about Soviet nuclear disarmament, how could he fail to get the facts down about the Kennedy-Khrushchev meeting in Vienna?

Maybe there are good reasons he wants to bury this thesis. Did he get it wrong there,too? Did he just coast at Columbia on his interesting background and personal charm?
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