What WaPo Forgot to mention in Obama 'Faith' article

The MSM continues gliding over the more controversial aspects of Obama's life, pretending they don't exist or just ignoring them.  

For example, in last Sunday's  Washington Post  front page profile entitled "
Obama Addresses His Faith" (which should be subtitled but the Washington Post doesn't) they reprinted an excerpt of a highly personal account of his spiritual journey he presented to an African Methodist Episcopal Church conference. 

"In my own life, " he said, "it's been a journey that began decades ago on the South Side of Chicago, when, working as a community organizer, helping to build struggling neighborhoods, I let
Jesus Christ into my life. I learned that my sins could be redeemed and that if I placed my trust in Christ, that he could set me on the path to eternal life when I submitted myself to his will and I dedicated myself to discovering his truth and carrying out his works."

He suggested that he would apply the lessons of his faith to the problems he would face if he became president.

And just where and from who  "on the South Side of Chicago" did he learn all of this?  From his fellow "community organizers" in "struggling neighborhoods"?  Must be because totally forgotten is any mention of the South Side church where he was married, the preacher who married him, the church where his children were baptized and the minister who baptized them, the church where he and his wife were faithful 20 year members, regular attendees and often generous contributors.  

Hmmm... now how and why could an honest profile on a person's faith ignore his church?  Perhaps the Washington Post, centered as it is in our nation's capital, is not aware that there are churches in Chicago? 


Cynically, with the sin of omission, the flattering article on Obama's faith did not place it in the natural context of church and minister; it conveniently made no mention of the controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright and the United Church of Christ which dominated news reports about Obama until just a few weeks ago when, for some unexplained reason, Obama abruptly quit the church. 

As a result, the WashPo undermined its own integrity, losing any claim to objectivity in the forthcoming presidential process.  But of course they won't admit that.     

hat tip: Media Research Center