US Strengthening Zimbabwe Sanctions

If Africans are going to ignore the problem of Zimbabwe, the doesn't mean the rest of the world has to stand still and do nothing.

It's not much of a secret that President Robert Mugabe's para-military "veterans" are responsible for most of the violence in Zimbabwe directed against the opposition. The US and the EU are preparing to impose more sanctions on the thugs:

Mark Weinberg, an embassy spokesman, says that "proposed new sanctions are under review by the White House and the State Department" and that they would target "individuals we hold responsible for subverting the will of the people of Zimbabwe, people associated with the regime and those responsible for the recent violence and political problems."

The sanctions would restrict both travel by individuals and their finances, he told AP on Friday.

Such action will not bring about immediate action. But it is hoped that over time, it will cause most of these people to suffer so much that they might turn on Mugabe and overthrow him.

To be sure, a longshot but at the moment, better than doing nothing.