The Thing

When I hear people on the Left say we must “talk” with our mortal enemies I am reminded of the original movie, “The Thing From another World,” from 1951. We have the great battle of the minds between Dr. Carrington, the intellectual who wants to “talk and learn” from the Thing, and Captain Hendry, his military liaison, who just wants to destroy it.

In the final confrontation scene, when the Thing is about to be destroyed by a trap set up by Hendry, we see Dr. Carrington “reach out” to the Thing only to have it slap him down and nearly kill him. The Thing is finally fried to a delightful crisp and the danger is no more.

Think of Iran as the Thing and you get the idea. One side wants to “talk and learn” from it, the other is more realistic and realizes the danger it poses. Think of this when Iran attains nuclear devices with which to threaten Israel and the “Great Satan.”

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