The multi-cultural one way street

Demands for "tolerance" in the name of multiculturalism apply only to wealthy, predominantly white countries. And within them, only to whites.* A shocking situation in Denmark illustrates the point.

The world yawns as Muslim immigrants in Denmark viciously drive Danish citizens out of a suburb of Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city. The Danes in question are Greenlanders (Greenland is a province of Denmark), mostly native Inuit people who have come to mainland Denmark, and apparently suffer their own share of social problems already.

But for the blogosphere, we would never hear of a situation from which the world averts its eyes. The Gates of Vienna website obtained a translation  of a Danish language article from an Aarhus newspaper. The translation comes from GoV's correspondent Kepiblanc. and makes for horrifying reading:

Many Greenlanders living in Gjellerup Park [a suburban high-rise district of Århus, Denmark - translator] are fed up. After several years of racist persecution and harassment by Arab and Somali tenants, they've now chosen to abandon the place.

"I couldn't stand being their target. It was a psychological stress. But I'm angry that we were the ones to leave. After all, they were the ones to attack us," says Johanne Christiansen.

"A horrific lack of respect."

Together with the others she got the municipality's help to move out. Greenlanders in Gjellerup are assaulted, humiliated, and have stones thrown at them. These citizens from the northernmost part of Denmark mostly stay put in their apartments, afraid to go out in the open. They resemble outlaws and hunting game within the area.

There's more. Read this and shudder. Police in Europe already are reported to rarely show their faces in certain sectors of various cities, a virtual no-go area. The Muslim Quarter, in other words. Where sharia law applies.

The surrender of the Inuit population of Gjellerup Park, with municipal authorities facilitating the exit, amounts to one more surrender to the growth of Muslim enclaves, de-facto extraterritorial outposts.

No doubt the world's media averts its collective eyes to this sort of harassment, an ongoing war against another segment of society, because it fears sparking a racist response from whites. The media tolerates racist violence by hiding it from public concern It also fails to report on one of the biggest stories of our time. Before our eyes the seeds of Yugoslavia are being planted on the continent of Europe. Once again ideology blinds the media, and they miss the big story.

*Actually, any successful self-reliant person of any racial background who integrates into the larger economy qualifies as "white" for purposes of targeting.

Hat tip: Larwyn