The downside of

Now that Barack Obama is tacking to the center in his general election strategy, the true believers among his left wing fans, whose energy and donations propelled his primary and caucus campaigns, are getting disillusioned. The very instrument that rapidly and costlessly organized his support, now mobilizes dissent.

In order to appear reasonable to the center, Obama is being forced to utter positive things about the compromise FISA (Foreign Intelligence Security Act) legislation on which he will have to vote. The compromise immunizes cell phone companies from lawsuits if they cooperate with authorities in warrantless monitoring.

Activists who would protect terrorists' rights are not the sort of people to understand the necessity of sacrificing their own cause in order to get elected. And they have a way to make themselves heard among themselves.

John McCormick of the Chicago Tribune has a must-read article today on the subject that documents the disillusionment.

Radical supporters + Social networking web platform = trouble.

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