Special rules for Obama?

Sooner or later, voters are going to recognize the exquisite sensitivity of thObama-protested covere Obama campaign to ridicule as weakness. By choosing to cry foul  over the New Yorker cover depicting the Obamas as the opposition supposedly sees him, the campaign reveals the precariousness of the substance-free image-building effort to date.

The irrepressible Doug Ross  dug up a New Yorker cover mocking Bush and Cheney as the gay cowboys from Brokeback Mountain, sarcastically noting the missing firestorm of protest.

Brokeback White HouseAre Americans really going to want to vote for someone who holds himself to be above criticism and mockery?

Hat tip: Larwyn

Doug Ross has further fascinating infrmation. The Brokeback cover won a major award::

Update: Rants and Refinements reminds us of "the controversy":

Ulriksen's cover for the February 27, 2006 edition of The New Yorker won the 2006 American Society of Magazine Editors award for Best News Magazine Cover.