Rep. Wexler's Shameless Misinformation Campaign

Robert Wexler, Barack Obama's leading Congressional cheerleader and the man who has worked mightily to convince supporters of the American-Israel alliance that Obama can be relied upon to enhance Israel's security against Iranian threats to destroy it, indicates he may very well  oppose a Congressional Resolution meant to pressure Iran to comply with international demands regarding its nuclear program.

He willfully misleads -as others on the left have done- on the nature of this resolution. They, and Wexler, believe that the Resolution calls for a naval blockade and characterize this as an act of war. They are wrong. The Resolution merely calls upon the President to initiate an "international effort to impose stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains and cargo entering or departing Iran". This is not a blockade and willfully misinterpreting it to be so is wrong and this interpretation is supported by very clear language in the rest of the Resolution that expressly states that  "nothing in this Resolution should be construed as an authorization of the use of force against Iran". Inspections are not an uncommon feature of non-proliferation efforts. The Proliferation Security Initiative recognizes the importance of being able to interdict and inspect suspect shipments.

The discovery of a ship containing nuclear research material on its way to Libya was key to the discovering and unraveling of the A.Q. Khan nuclear smuggling network and the terminating of Libya's nuclear program.    Regardless, how reliable Wexler's assurances are regarding Barack Obama when he advocates, even at the expense of honesty, an appeasement approach that will strengthen Iran.

Of course, Wexler makes this announcement on the left-wing Huffington Post 
 where he has  a column.   To wit, Wexler writes:    

In the coming weeks, the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, of which I am a member, may vote on House Concurrent Resolution 362. Given my growing concerns regarding this resolution, including its failure to advocate for direct American engagement with Tehran and open language that could lead to a US blockade of Iran, I will lead an effort to make changes to this resolution before it comes to the Foreign Affairs committee for a vote. Despite being a cosponsor of this resolution -- these changes will ultimately determine whether or not I will continue to support H. Con. Res. 362.

So Barack Obama's chief supporter in the House, a man who the Senator has all but appointed as an Ambassador to the Jewish community, seems willing to misinterpret a Resolution in such a way to serve the interests of Iran.

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