Obama's Voting Record Complicates His Shift to Political Center

This headline from Bloomberg, picked up by Drudge, says all any voter needs to know about post racial, post-ideology Sen Barack Obama (D-IL).

"Obama's Voting Record Complicates His Shift to Political Center"

Yep, nothing like a provable voting record to know where a candidate stands no matter how inspiring the present day oratory.

In recent weeks, Obama said he supports gun-ownership rights, backs legislation giving immunity to telephone companies that participated in an anti-terrorism surveillance program and would consider cutting corporate taxes. On July 3, he said he would ``continue to refine my policies'' on the Iraq War.


Obama built his candidacy on the support of his party's liberal base, which favors restrictions on guns and wiretapping, raising taxes for companies, and pulling U.S. forces from Iraq. As an Illinois state legislator, he voted against a law carving out self-defense exceptions to local handgun bans; as a U.S. senator, he opposed business tax cuts and extending warrantless eavesdropping, and backed tougher gun laws. On Iraq, he has long focused on ending the war and withdrawing troops.

And yet

Obama told reporters in Ohio on July 1. There haven't "been substantial shifts," he said.
Oh?  Certainly just mentioning these gross er, inconsistencies will guarantee a spot on Obama's anti-smear blog; perhaps even rate a frantic charge of racism from the anti smearers.  But then of course all is right--Obama is smearing himself and his beliefs as one part of his heritage denounces the other.  Will the Obamaniacs notice?  Care?