Obama's string of surprises

Sen. Barack Obama's hubris knows no bounds. He demands that Americans overcome our xenophobic racism to bestow upon him the greatest office in the free world, despite his continued demonstration that he has all the judgment of a high school sophomore.

First he was surprised at how visceral the reaction was to his minister's idiocy. Then he was surprised at how disgusted many were about his calling his grandmother a "typical white person." He has since been alarmed at why his back-and-forth about Iraq were taken, and he was probably very surprised to learn recently that he cannot flick Iraq away by pawning it off on his Joint Chiefs. Now he is surprised by the hue and cry that has followed his amazingly boneheaded decision to go on "Access Hollywood" with his wife and daughters. His explanation:

"We were having a birthday party, and everybody was laughing. And suddenly this thing cropped up. I didnʼt catch it quickly enough. I was surprised by the attention it received."

"Suddenly this thing cropped up"? Does the senator believe that nobody out here in Jesusland has the foggiest notion of the time and effort involved in merely setting up the equipment and sound for such an interview? Are we to believe that "Access Hollywood" has mobile production crews posted in all corners of the nation just waiting to pounce upon Obama family birthdays and celebrations?

To their credit, the Obamas had to this point kept their children out of the election equation, shielding them from what can be an unforgiving spotlight. On the other hand, Obama has has often made self-congratulatory reference to that decision, which suddenly went out the window when that wily Maria Menounos scored the interview.

More to the point, Obama seems to be in a constant state of surprise about issues and events that, even to a casual political watcher, seem fundamental. This guy is taken unawares quite a bit. Do we want him acting on the daily threat briefings in the Oval Office?