Beijing to Airbrush Pollution from the Olympics

Ever wonder (in your worst nightmares) what it might be like to live in a totalitarian state like China?

This is the kind of power government has in the Communist country - they are shutting down a modern city in order to cut pollution levels
for the Olympics:

Half of Beijing's 3.3 million vehicles will be pulled off the roads and many polluting factories will be shuttered. Chemical plants, power stations and foundries left open have to cut emissions by 30 percent - and dust-spewing construction in the capital will be halted.

In a highly stage-managed Olympics aimed at showing off the rising power of the 21st century, no challenge is greater than producing crystalline air for 10,500 of the world's greatest athletes.

The commies are giving the term "draconian" a bad name. They are doing this sort of thing in the 5 provinces surrounding the venues and it still could backfire says one atmospheric scientist. Winds could blow pollution from other provinces right into Beijing.

That's because China has 16 of the 20 most polluted cities on the planet as far as air quality is concerned. Water is worse with 75% of it flowing through urban areas being undrinkable.

Olympic officials still reserve the right to cancel some of the long endurance events in track and field, swimming, and cycling among other sports if the air quality is poor. Somehow, I have the feeling that even the Chinese government's herculean efforts to clean up the air will fail and at least some events may have to be cancelled.

Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch...