Beginning government education at birth?

Recently, after reading an excellent article at American Thinker, I decided to take a glimpse at Senator Obama's education plan.  This plan is presented in a more detailed format in a document titled "Barack Obama's Plan for Lifetime Success Through Education."  What I read there was more than a little disturbing, particularly his early childhood education plan.

Sen. Obama's plan begins with a "Zero to Five Plan".  That is not a plan for pre-kindergarten students; it is a plan for infants beginning just after birth.  In fact, one of his "Success Through Education" header statements is "A Pre-School Agenda That Begins At Birth".  Sen. Obama would plunk $10 billion a year in federal tax dollars down to provide "high-quality child care" for children, to expand access to Early Head Start (is this redundant?), Head Start, and pre-school, and create a council to the president (himself) which would coordinate these efforts nation-wide.

While Sen. Obama's plan does appear to delegate responsibility for these programs to the various states, one comment in the document gives pause to that thought.  Sen. Obama's plan calls the current state of early child education a "patchwork" that is "inadequate".  So while the Senator may claim that states will have options within the plan, one might easily assume that funds received from this proposed $10 billion would come with significant strings.

This seems to me to be the policy beginnings of nationalized child care, not simply education.  It only rides in the Trojan Horse of "education reform".  Sen. Obama's plan dovetails seamlessly with a recent report by the National Health Institutes that the percentage of unmarried births to women age 20-24 has risen to 58%.  Why should a young, single mother worry about raising her child?  For that matter, why would a young woman of any background think twice about having a child that she probably can't raise without great difficulty?  The government will take care of the child - an Obama administration would allow for the child's care and education (read: child rearing) from year zero.  And that is the beginning of real state indoctrination.

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