American flag disappears from the Obama campaign plane's tail

Nobody's saying he's unpatriotic, but what kind of man uses his own symbol instead of the flag on the tail of his official campaign plane?

World Net Daily's Aaron Klein
notices that the American flag has been painted oveObama campaign symbolr on the tail of the 757 airplane chartered by the Obama campaign. In its place is the circular campaign symbol (not the embarrassing faux seal of the president ash-canned by the campaign after one day).

Oddly enough, press reports from Fox News and the Chicago Sun-Times on the refurbishment of the plane failed to note the disappearance of the flag, while admiring the comfortable new seats, each with an electric power outlet.

Let me be clear that I am not "questioning his patriotism." The candidate is free to substitute a self-referential symbol for the flag. And we are free to notice and consider it another data point on the man's character.

Hat tip: Mark Roth