Alfred E. Obama is Not Funny!!

Q: How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: That's Not Funny!

[Note: Michael Savage's producer has demanded that we acknowledge prior use of the phrase "Alfred E. Obama" earlier by the talk show host. This came as news to us, but we are happy to acknowledge his claim of intellectual ownership -- editor]

If you think that Muslims burning the Danish Mohammed Cartoons don't have a sense of humor, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Just wait til the Political Correct Commissars catch you laughing at Barack Obama. It's like the old rabid feminists: That's Not Funny!

Mr. Obama is very easily offended, like Don Quixote, the Man of La Mancha, who is constantly looking for the smallest slights to his egg-shell fragile ego. Obama told Maureen Dowd early in the primaries that he is hypersensitive to any remarks about his ears  Obama is offended if  you criticize his tough-as-nails lawyer wife -- although Michelle O' is eager to criticize everybody else, including the United States of America. The Obama campaign felt offended when people laughed at the phony US Presidential Seal they tried for one day and then quickly dropped. Flip-flopping? Suh, I resent that remark!

The Obama campaign just loves those Nuremberg-style rock rallies. They're in control. They love thousands of worshipful Obama groupies. They're in control. But they just hate one-on-one Townhall debates because they're not in control. That's why Obama is now going to Europe, where his rockstar brand still has the suckers screaming for joy. There are no tough questions for Obama in Europe. He'll just soak up all that adulation, like Elvis. He loves that worship, he needs it, he thrives on it. Which makes me wonder about Barack Obama, to tell the truth.

Prophets and messiahs are not to be laughed at. They are deadly serious. Laughter brings a sense of sanity and perspective to their pompous pretensions. That is why radical Muslims  murder people who laugh at the Prophet Mohammed. Start laughing at this 7th century desert bandit and the whole thing starts to look like a joke. We can't have that. Kill them.

Today in Canada, if you poke fun at Muslim terrorists, like Mark Steyn constantly does, they will bring you up on Kangaroo Court charges. That'll take that smirk off your face. That novel custom is coming to a theater near you soon, as radical Muslims gain more and more influence in the United States. In Europe it's spreading like some plague of knee-jerk seriousness. You can trash Jesus all right, but you diss da Prophet, baby, and your neck ain't safe.

Don't you impugn my patriotism! Suh, you have offended mah wife! Them's fightin' words! Those are classic political lines satirized by the cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn and his Barnyard Dawg, a Southern rooster meant to get people laughing at all those stuffy Kentucky Colonels and their Dixiecrat lookalikes. It's all part of a long and great tradition of political laughter in America. 

Black people used that tradition to laugh at their tormentors, long before Political Correctness took over. Today, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will get you fired from your job if you giggle at the wrong thing.

The American cartoon film is one of our great contributions to the cause of human laughter.

All the great cartoons laugh at the powerful on behalf of the weak: Tweety Bird laughs at Sylvester the Cat. Bugs Bunny laughs at Elmer Fudd. Alfred E. Newman laughs at ... 

Ooops! I apologize. Didn't mean it. I'm sorry. I'll never do it again. I'll go to my sensitivity training now, shall I?


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