WaPo: those anti-Obama meanies hurt his church

Barack Obama threw the virtuous Jeremiah Wright and the very nice Trinity United Church of Christ under the bus, but once again it is the fault of the meanies who always criticize Barack Obama. That seems to be the gist of an article  by Eli Saslow and Hamil R. Harris in the Washington Post.

Though several prominent pastors said Obama's decision to leave Trinity might create minor friction with some black voters, it is highly unlikely that he will lose their support. Even most Trinity members don't fault Obama, instead blaming the media and political attacks. [....]

...political and religious experts said Obama's departure from Trinity has become a symbol of the further marginalization of black churches.

"If a politician wants to move up in government, he can come to church and jump and shout," said the Rev. Barbara Reynolds, a lecturer at Howard University's School of Divinity. "But it is not okay to go to a church where they are speaking truth to power and talking about racism, sexism and capitalism."

Ron Walters, a University of Maryland political science professor, said: "Barack Obama is running for president in a country where 70 percent of the people are white. They demand that he align himself to their dominant view."

All that criticism of Rev. Wright and TUCC is really unfair, you see:

Wright, the author of more than 4,000 sermons, became a public caricature through inflammatory, 30-second sound bites. He reiterated his most divisive opinions during an appearance at the National Press Club in late April. In a last-ditch attempt at damage control on May 25, Trinity invited a white Roman Catholic clergyman to take part in a "sacred dialogue on race." [emphases added]

Apparently it is the white man, Father Pfleger, who betrayed TUCC with his attacks on Hillary, that led to Obama deserting his church of 20 years, a house of worship he has repeatedly praised in the highest terms for many years.

Oddly, the article cites Oprah Winfrey as a TUCC member. Apparently these journalists are unaware she left the church years ago.
Trinity has drawn an economically diverse membership that includes [note: present tense]  Oprah Winfrey, rap stars and stockbrokers -- but the church never moved away from the South Side train tracks.

A simple google search, or mere familiarity with the subject matter, would have revealed this. 

Hat tip: Ed Lasky
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