Rocco, Rock On! (a poem)

(in tribute to Rocco DiPippo)

Our illusions are gone

(If they were ever there from the beginning).

The silver-tongued Barry

Continues to carry

The believers who picture him winning

The presidential halo.

Consequently they go

Down on their knees to their savior.

And as they fall

They'll take us all

Down with their pathetic behavior.

It is up to the sane

To fight to regain

The American faith of our fathers.

We can't turn away.

It's too late in the day,

But what if none of us bothers?

We're safe after all.

There's a sale at the Mall.

What harm can they do in four years?

We'll pick up the pieces

When this hysteria ceases.

There'll be lots of time later for tears.

Mimi Evans Winship

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