Ooops! Another Obama Supporter Slips Under the Bus

Yesterday, we asked the question "Who is Martin Klonsky?" It turns out Mr. Klonsky was another one of those radical acquaintences of Barack Obama who are only a "distraction" from the real issues of the campaign; like trying to find someone who wasn't a Weather Underground/radical racist/bigot/crook from Obamaa's past.

Klonsky, the Maoist hardliner who received $75,000 from the William Ayers-Obama led Annenberg Project had a blog right on Obama's website.

Until today:

Today his blog was removed from the Obama website.
Comrade Klonsky is no longer with us.

Global Labor and Global Economy reported on the Stalinist-like airbrush tactics of the Obama regime:

Does this remind anyone of something?

Recall what would happen in Soviet Russian textbooks when a trotskyist or bukharinite got purged by Uncle Joe, as Klonsky
lovingly recalls the dictator Joseph Stalin at this reunion of SDS in November of last year in Chicago: their pictures would quickly get airbrushed out of the old photographs, without any explanation.

(Of course, the disappearance was not just in text books. Millions lost their lives. One day they were there, the next day they were gone, poof, off to Siberia or to the basement of KGB headquarters to be shot.)

Earlier today when one went to the Community Blogs on the Obama website there was the Klonsky blog on education policy and something he calls "social justice teaching." Tonight, all you get at the same "freedom teachers" URL is: "Invalid blog/profile URL." Today's softer version of the Stalinist airbrush.

We join Jim Hoft in devoutly wishing Comrade Klonsky a soft landing. At least he has plenty of bodies already under that bus to break his fall.
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