Obama Renegs on Promise to take Federal Financing of the Election

Barack Obama told Common Cause in November 2007 he would accept federal funding for the General Election race were he the Democratic Party's nominee in 2008.

Today Obama became the first candidate of a major party to
ever opt out of the system. There is of course only one reason for the decision- Obama will raise far more money outside the system, than the $84 million in federal money he would receive from the FEC for the campaign inside the system.

Obama offered the usual lame excuse for his latest shift- GOP smear campaigns, and 527 groups. In the real world, Obama supporting 527s have raised far more money than McCain supporting 527s, and are already out with nasty attacks (moveon.org in particular). Pure and simple, and despite the lofty rhetoric , every Obama decision is always pure political calculation.

The liberal press who generally favor federal financing, will of course give him a pass, and accept his rationale, and applaud that he is not taking money from PACs, that he's receiving many small donations, and is not so reliant on big contributions. .

He committed to not running for President in 2008, then changed his mind when his prospects looked decent. The character comparison between Obama and McCain is shockingly large, Will enough people catch on between now and November, given the money advantage Obama will have, and his ability to run ads trashing McCain, and rehabilitating his vaporware message of change ,hope and new direction?
Do you think Barack Obama would have declined an early release from a prisoner of war camp , as McCain did (so as not to demoralize other prisoners), assuming of course Obama would ever have chosen to serve his country, rather than just himself?