'Just Drill, Baby' - Governor Palin

Alaska's governor Sarah Palin - mentioned as a possible running mate for John McCain sent a letter to Harry Reid telling him what needed to be done as far as helping to solve the energy crisis.

In effect, she told the senator -
"Just Drill, Baby:"

Governor Sarah Palin today urged members of Congress to enact legislation that would allow oil and gas development in a small portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

In a letter addressed to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and key members of Congress, Governor Palin stressed the need to enact an energy policy that includes oil and gas production from domestic sources, since failure to enact a sound energy policy is having real-life consequences. The Governor reminded members of Congress that the footprint of development would be less than 2,000 acres. She also assured members that any development would be conducted in a responsible and environmentally safe manner.

Yes, my friends on the left, there are responsible ways to drill for oil that will help us with our energy needs and not disturb your precious caribou. It's time we started to look to solutions like this rather than Obama's wind farms (fat lot of good they do in places where there is little wind) and other "green" alternatives that will, if the promised spending goes through, become the biggest energy boondoggle since the "US Oil Shale Corporation" of the mid 1980's.

To eschew drilling for new sources of oil is madness - especially since Obama's promised energy revolution will be 10-20 years in the making and has no guarantee it will meet our energy needs anyway.

Better we listen to reasonable, responsible adults like Governor Palin rather than the spoiled brat children who run the Democratic party. 

Hat Tip:
Hot Air