How Trinity United uses your tax dollars

Fox News discovered that Rev. Wright's Trinity United Church of Christ didn't mind accepting $15 million in cash from the same federal government Wright believes planted the AIDS virus to kill African-Americans.

So how wisely has that money been spent?

Steve Gilbert of Sweetness & Light did some digging and discovered that TUCC manages to spend a mind-boggling $20,000 per child or so to provide day care services.

With all the federal money sloshing around, perhaps it is not surprising that the church is able to provide such an outsize house for its now-retired pastor.
Update -- Steve Gilbert updates with comparative costs data, and raising awkward questions for the Obama campaign:

It is surprisingly difficult to find actual numbers about the cost of day care across the country.

But I did find this HHS report from 1999:

Child Care in Michigan: A Short Report on Subsidies, Affordability, and Supply

Back then the average unsubsidized cost for day care for a child in Detroit was $384 a month, which is $4608 per year.

Even taking into account inflation, why should Trinity be spending five times that amount?

Isn't that amazing?

And this is what BO cites as good works? This is how he thinks the whole country should be run?