hate mailbag

"David Mitchell" writes:

i happened across your site by means of one of my acquaintances sending me some of your spew. i only have a few minutes to respond; i have a life, including a child in the tub who needs soon to be "jammied" and enjoy the reading of bedtime stories.

i voted for reagan, and for bush 1 the first round, but not the second. (your brand of lying, smearing politics turned me off to the republican party by then.) i buy the $4 gal. gas and don't believe it's that price because china and india are using gas now. who killed the electric car?

you are poison to the system, my dear. you invent crap and pose it as truth. why do you think anyone but those like yourself who are apparently hypnotized (or on the payroll in one form or another) believe anything other than the fact that this administration has lied and done as much as possible to cut into our freedoms in every way; they lied, lied, lied about why they wanted to invade iraq. only YOU believe the WMD story. frankly, i don't believe you believe it either. it's all about protecting your point of view (and pocketbook or the trenches you made around your dug-in feet). i personally never, ever believed the iraq invasion excuses from day one and had so many arguments about it. now, i'm sort of "told you so!" and they know i was right all along. i personally know so many people who were staunch republicans (including the daughter of a lawmaker) - they are ashamed of the lies and mishandling of every thing by this administration - now they are telling everyone they are (and were) actually independents or libertarians.

by inking up the wheel to print out daily your filth and crap about obama, you are what is wrong with our country. we cannot call our country great, great, great, when the administration of it brings us down in every possible way, and the only people inspired by it are people like you - vomiters of untruths and partisan smear tactics.

you are either hypnotized or one of the people who've been feeding off this thing. i tend to think you're probably a bottom feeder.
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