Final FL, MI Compromise a disaster for Clinton


If the Democratic party thought the meeting of the Rules and Bylaws Committee yesterday would go a long ways toward uniting the party, they were sadly mistaken,

On the agenda was what to do with the Florida and Michigan delegations to the convetion - originally told that none of them could attend because they violated party rules by holding their primaries early, the Rules Committee relented and voted to seat the entire delegation from both states but only give them 1/2 half.

This is a huge blow to Hillary Clinton who was looking to pick up 55 delegates on Obama if both Michigan and Florida were given their full representation based on her primary wins in both states. Instead, she will receive 24 more votes than Obama.

What really riled the Clinton camp was this statement from the Obama campaign:

This results in Sen. Clinton obtaining a substantial number of additional pledged delegates, but I also understand that many members of the Florida and Michigan delegations feel satisfied that the decision was fair," Obama said after a campaign event in Aberdeen, South Dakota. "Our main goal is to get this resolved so we can immediately turn the focus of the entire party on winning Florida and Michigan and delivering on the needs of the people in Florida and Michigan -- states that are enormously important, states where a lot of people are struggling."

The Clinton camp is still saying that Obama had no right to any Michigan delegates because he wasn't even on the ballot. There have been mutterings from her senior staff that they plan to take that issue all the way to the convention.

But there are also hints that Mrs. Clinton may be looking for a way out of the campaign. Rumors have it that she wants to head up the effort to pass a national health insurance bill - something Obama would grant her if he gets elected.

The divisions that have roiled the party are still in evidence as Hillary supporters flooded the hearing and booed lustily at the final decision. Unless Hillary drops out, it looks like there will be a showdown on the convention floor.