ElBaradei Wrings his Hands over Nuke Proliferation

Perhaps the most imporant international organization relating to stopping the spread of atomic weapons is apparently headed up by an old woman.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammed Elbaradei said in an interview that we are at an "historic turning point" as more nations seek to develop nuclear weapons while others try and stop them. He thinks that the Israeli strike against the apparent Syrian reactor last September is only making matters worse.

Did it ever occur to this arrogant fool that the reason Israeli went in is because his organization failed miserably to halt the Syrian program? The same could be said for Iraq's program back in the 1980's and Iran's potential program today.

But according to ElBaradei, it is those countries that seek to defend themselves thanks to the IAEA's wishy washiness about going after rogue states that seek nuclear weapons that are the problem:

Mohamed ElBaradei, the United Nations' chief nuclear inspector, believes there is a growing threat to global peace through the build-up of nuclear arms and the increasing penchant of counties to bomb suspected nuclear facilities. "With unilateral military actions, countries are undermining international agreements, and we are at a historic turning point," ElBaradei told SPIEGEL, referring to the recent Israel bombardment of Syria's Al Kibar complex in September and the threat made by Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz to attack Iran if the country "continues with its program to develop a nuclear bomb."

Nobel Peace Prize winner Elbaradei also attacks Tehran's leadership in the interview. "The readiness on Iran's side to cooperate leaves a lot to be desired," he said. "We have pressing questions." Iran's leadership, he said, is sending "a message to the entire world: We can build a bomb in relatively short time." But the general director of the International Atomic Energy Agency also said he expected "absolute transparency" from Syria. During in inspection trip from June 22-24, he said an IAEA delegation would demand visits to a number of locations that may have delivered components to the destroyed facility.

The idea that Israel should have placed its national life in the hands of this mealy mouthed bureaucrat is positively insane. And any "international agreements" El Baradei thinks Israel violated are null and void when placed against the self defense article in the UN Charter. Israel was well within its rights to take out a reactor - no matter how close it was to producing plutonium - under recognized international law.

His criticism of Iran is fine except he doesn't think anyone should do anything about Iranian nukes if they were to build them. Just a "so sorry" from he and his gang of UN bureaucrats while Iran threatens our friendsd and allies in the region with nuclear destruction.

It would do little good to get rid of ElBaradei. Someone worse would probably replace him. In the meantime, we are forced to play the diplomatic game with Iran pretty much by ourselves rather than having the organization charged with preventing the Iranians from getting the bomb on our side.
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