But Can He Find Iran on a Map?

In a CQ Politics column, David Korn snidely asks, "Can a Guy (McCain) Who Doesn't Know How To Use a Computer Become President?"

Reading the column my first thought was, "Can A Harvard Educated Lawyer Who Doesn't Know Elementary School Level Geography Become President?"  My second was, "Can A Harvard Educated Lawyer Who Doesn't Know How Many States Are In The Country He Wants To Govern Become President?"

Considering their candidate's demonstrated disregard for the finer points of geography and history, the Democrats and their media minions might want to think twice before poking fun at McCain for lack of knowledge. Personally I find it far less disturbing that McCain, in his seventies, has little knowledge of computers than the fact that a supposed young genius in his forties is so evidently ignorant of basic geography. I will wager that a lot of other senior voters share my feeling that a president can perform his duties quite well without computer skills. It's like asking, "But can he type?"

Of more concern to folks like us is, "But can he find Iran on a map?"

My personal experience with the Internet has taught me that this medium, especially on the liberal side, is heavily populated with technical whizzes who are long on computer skills but very short on judgment. Shallow, in other words.

And guess who their candidate is...

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