Bobby's Choice

Bobby Jindal, Louisiana's governor, faces a major decision, one that could set the tone for the rest of his governorship, if not his political career. A commentary in bestof informs us that it looks very much like the governor cut a deal with the state legislature in order to get his landmark reform of disclosure laws. 

He cut a political deal, and now he feels a misplaced sense of honor to uphold it. What else is the public to conclude when the young governor issues a press release saying he won't block a legislative pay raise --- and the next day the Senate Finance Committee restores $110 million that the House had stripped from his budget? Ironically, some of those "restored" funds include massive pay scales for top Jindal appointees.

In politics, one hand washes the other while the voters get soaked. That's business as usual in Louisiana - the kind of business Jindal promised to eliminate.

Hat tip: Elizabeth Weber Levy

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