Bill Clinton Will Make Obama Grovel for his Support

How angry is Bill Clinton towards Barack Obama for defeating his chance to be First Man? This angry.
The Telegraph has learned that the former president's rage is still so great that even loyal allies are shocked by his patronising attitude to Mr Obama, and believe that he risks damaging his own reputation by his intransigence.

A senior Democrat who worked for Mr Clinton has revealed that he recently told friends Mr Obama could "kiss my ass" in return for his support.

A second source said that the former president has kept his distance because he still does not believe Mr Obama can win the election.
So while the former opponents demonstrate unity in Unity, NH, even wearing complementary colors, the formerly powerful husband of the rejected candidate pouts hard.  Is this the new narrative of feminism that Hillary wrought--a resentful husband, unable to live in his wife's glory,  pathetically trying to defend his defeated wife?  Bill has just crashed down through the glass floor into the basement of outdated masculinity.