Will Father Pfleger Really Hurt Obama?

It's very possible that the "sermon" preached by Father Michael Pfleger at Obama's Trinity United Church where he mocked Hillary Clinton for crying, saying that she was in tears because "white privilege" was denied her may end up doing more harm to Obama than even the revelations about his other problem minister Jeremiah Wright.

IBD points out the danger:

Pfleger has had a working relationship with Obama since the late 1980s. As noted, he was one of Obama's spiritual mentors. Between 1995 and 2001, Pfleger contributed a total of $1,500 to Obama's various political campaigns.

This includes a $200 donation in April 2001, three months after Obama, still an Illinois state senator, helped obtain $225,000 in grants for St. Sabina programs. In 2000, Obama secured a $100,000 earmark for the ARK Community Center, attached to St. Sabina. Render unto Caesar.

Pfleger apologized for his remarks, saying "I regret the words I chose" and the "words are inconsistent with Senator Obama's life and message." But does he regret the sentiments expressed or merely that they hurt Obama's political chances? Pfleger's remorse came only after his rant popped up on YouTube.

Pfleger, who leads a mostly black parish and has warmly embraced what is called black liberation theology, was a member of "Catholics for Obama." A glowing endorsement of the former state senator appeared on Obama's campaign Web site. Pfleger is a regular guest at Trinity.

The June-July issue of Wright's "Trumpet" magazine described him as "Afrocentric to the core." This is the same magazine that printed an op-ed by a Hamas supporter and honored Nation of Islam leader Farrakhan. Pfleger calls Farrakhan a "friend" who "is a great man who I have great respect for, who has done an awful lot for people in this country."

Obama's relationships with radicals should be setting off alarm bells in every newsroom in America. The question of how the press can continue to portray Obama as a "bridge" between the races when his closest spiritual advisors are out and out bigots is amazing - and frightening. If the press is that much in the bag for Obama, what else would they be capable of hiding for the candidate?

It isn't just Obama's radical associations. It is the fact that on several occassions in his political career he has made actual political alliances with radical groups. I detail his involvement with a Marxist "New Party" as well as the anti-capitalist
group ACORN here. 

How many more revelations about Obama's associates can the candidate take without people turning away from him in disgust? Time will tell.

Hat Tip: Ed Lasky
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