The press, Obama, and Wright

This election season would not be the first time that the media which shares the leftist views of a candidate has airbrushed his image and missed his considerable deficits.  So says Michael Barone, who observes that even if the media tell us there's no consequence to Obama respecting the Wright story, there will be:

Most reporters are liberals, whose circles of friends and acquaintances have included people with views not dissimilar to those of Wright or William Ayers, the unrepentant Weather Underground bomber with whom Obama served on a nonprofit board and at whose house his state Senate candidacy was launched. Such reporters don't find these views utterly repugnant or particularly noteworthy. But most American voters do. And they wonder whether a candidate who associates with such people agrees with them - or disbelieve him when he says he doesn't.

Though most in the press won't admit it, that's a problem - for the Obama candidacy and for the whole Democratic Party once it nominates him.

Please, DNC do not listen to this. Listen only to CNN,MSNBC and Newsweek.

Have they ever steered you wrong?
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