The nuclear waste over/under

A leading foe of the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste disposal facility in Nevada has left a peculiarly-worded request for the disposal of his earthly remains.

The following is from today's New York Times:
Joseph R. Egan, a nuclear engineer-turned-lawyer who led Nevada's legal campaign to block a nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain, died Wednesday at his home in Naples, Fla.

"Mr. Egan, in an obituary he wrote weeks ago that was posted on his law firm's Web site after his death, said that he had arranged for his ashes to be spread at Yucca Mountain, in Southern Nevada, with the words "radwaste buried here only over my dead body."

Perhaps Mr. Eagan might have been more successful in his quest, had he realized that the nuclear waste in question was actually being buried under him? His request was clumsily written for an attorney.